Innovative Wastewater Systems

On-site Wastewater System Accreditation

Biolytix Filter (BF6)

Project Summary

SEAM were hired by Biolytix Technologies under the jurisdiction the Director of Building Control and the Plumbing Accreditation Board of the Department of Justice to review, audit and monitor the new Biolytix Filter system for Tasmanian conditions.

Two systems were monitored on a monthly basis over two 6 monthly periods including winter conditions in Tasmania. The systems were located at Brighton and Droughty Point. A third system were monitored separately at Arthur River on the west coast. The process includes in-tank separation of soil and wastewater. The organic matter is seperated from the wastewater providing a mix of specified organisms (including worms)to treat the waste aerobically.

Biolytix Filter BF6 installed at Brighton